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October 10, 2018



Thank you. Very strong, interesting and fair piece.

What about the back room boys working at this very moment to fix what they see as a current interregnum of the Church? Who is this strange South American who talks in modern-day metaphor, parable if you like, of a field hospital, and only justice, compassion, humility and the hope for merciful deliverance from our worldly mess?
The clerical class lay claim to the historical heritage of Church theology, won via constant bickering and internecine warfare in the period from Paul, via the Fathers and Nicea to Chalcedon and beyond. They also lay claim to the history of Church moral truth via their "speculative philosophy" from Aquinas, through Tridentine Bellamarino and inquisitions, to the the millennial Pope Benedict. That is a few years for the clericalism to be in the driver's seat between the Judaic Jesus and the current Papal incumbent.

Today, the Church as a institution and its ideology is still unclear, work-in-progress. Its identity is fluid, if not a bit fractured.

Less than subtle, inside detraction from Pope Francis seem to appear in media fairly regularly, even at the same time that Francis is widely and warmly embraced by most of the congregation. He carries a heavy burden in his service role of leadership to millions worldwide.

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