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March 01, 2016


Murray Stapleton


Leo Gamble

Eric Hodgens has made excellent points about the nature of God and mankind's belief in Him. God is a mystery as Eric says. If He were not, then we would not be interested as He would be boring like most of us!!Leo Gamble, Mentone

Paul Gubbels

Great post FR Eric! You are spot on with your various analyses. Please continue your writing re the Church's ills, especially clericalism which has not yet seen the full fury of the pedophilia storm built up over generations. Pope Francis is copping much approbrium from many orthodox quarters many of whom fall into the "temple police" category, well meaning but living in a bygone era.
Paul Gubbels
Berwick VIC


Yes, mystery, not conjurer, experienced not understood, deeply just, accepting and merciful.
Like Jesus, when he was not grumpy.

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