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May 21, 2014



Indeed, "power corrupts". Right down to burning people for what they believe. Imagine that. But we have stopped Doing that, haven't we?

Now the task is to stop the abuse of children and threats of eternal fire.

Since the Church, and some local priests, first won power in the fourth century of the Holy Roman Empire, it has been a rocky story.

From that point onwards, the promotion of a triumphal Christ has obliterated the compassionate but crumpled and crucified Jesus.

Jesus' majesty was in his solidarity with us in our utter failure and rejection In this life.


What I meant to say in my last sentence above was:

"Jesus' majesty was in his solidarity with us in our, and his, utter failure and rejection in this life".

The resurrected, transfigured and vertically ascended, Christ of Triumph was always the more popular franchise of the two for the Church.

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