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January 05, 2017


Mike Kelly Queenscliff Victoria

Eric I’ve been mulling over your line ‘Did it really happen – wrong question’! I was at a function late last year, sitting next to a student from a Catholic school who was preparing for his VCE ‘religion and society’ exam. He said he was specializing in the rise of early Christianity, and as I’d been reading Jeffrey Butz’s book, (about James) The Brother of Jesus and the transition from the early Jerusalem church, I asked what he thought about the respective roles of Peter, James and Paul. He asked who was this James I was referring to and I said ‘well ‘James the Just’, brother of Jesus. I understand that he was a leader in the early Jewish- Christian church’. And his reply was … ‘well that’s impossible because Mary was a virgin’. And I came away thinking ‘well yes it’s important in reading scripture that we focus on the meaning the authors wanted to convey, but students must also be free to look at the historical and sociological evidence and be able to separate myths from realities, (and to connect them also in faith as you say), especially now, in ‘post truth’ times, when facts seem to matter a whole lot less than the message being conveyed. Mike


Mike and Eric,

I am always ready to listen carefully for the meaning. But I also like to be hear the facts of the matter.

It makes me feel that I have been "let into" the room with the grown-ups.

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